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We would guide you and tell you how best to upload the necessary software. We have the QUME concept for you. This highly automated software will also help in the process of filling in a template necessary for a particular gaming session. Through the kind of software that we offer you can decide with the gaming map and it even helps in deciding for the total number of players. After we launch the server for you we would provide you with a specific link. Our software will automatically contact the server, and then wait for the server to be ready. Once we can successfully get you linked to the server you can start playing the game at once.

We really aim in making online gaming easy and hassle free for you. The kind of software we have launched comes with innumerable benefits. Our software can do more than just having once server to host one game. It is exceptionally capacitated to take care of too many things at the same time. The system that we offer has innumerable shares to contribute in the main course of gaming.

Enjoy an ad-free web browsing with AdSweep


AdSweep is a small addon that aims to hide advertising from the web pages you visit like Adblock. In technical terms, AdSweep is a user javascript that defines CSS rules based on the web site you are visiting to hide elements of the page that show advertisements.

AdSweep is designed for standard-compliant web browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3.1+ or Apple Safari. It works better and faster with Opera. It is a work in progress, more and more web sites are added over time, and if you have basic CSS skills, you can take part and help make the web a cleaner place. To help me out, you can get in touch with me by email.

Download AdSweep v.0.6

AdSweep currently supports a few web sites fully, it hides many advertisement patterns but can still leave ads here and there. You can download it and use it. If you want to use the cutting edge version, download the latest snapshot of AdSweep.


To install AdSweep extract and place the AdSweep.user.js file in a directory of your choice.

  • If you use Opera, open your web browser, hit Alt-P, click the “Advanced” tab on top, click the “Content” menu item on the left-hand side, click the “Javascript Options…” button on the right-hand side. In the “Javascript Options” dialog, click the “Choose” button, select the directory where you saved the AdSweep.js file. Click “OK” to save.
  • If you use Chrome, extract, rename the AdSweep.js file to AdSweep.user.js (important!). Then follow the instructions on the Chromium web site to enable user scripts and to place your AdSweep.user.js file into Chrome’s user script directory. If reading the instructions on the Chromium web site, you wonder how to place the command flag, this means you just have to right-click the shortcut icon of Google Chrome, either on your desktop or in your Start menu, and click “Properties”. Select the second tab named “Shortcut”, and in the “Target” field, append --enable-user-scripts with a space inbetween. For instance:
    Before: C:UsersCharlesAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe
    After: C:UsersCharlesAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe --enable-user-scripts
    Don’t forget the space inbetween, and the command flag --enable-user-scripts has to be outside the double quotes, if any. Click “OK” to save changes. You can use the Chrome channel changer to select between the stable version, the beta release or the development snapshot. You can use either the beta or development versions, both work well.
  • If you use Mozilla Firefox, you need v.3.1 or above. Install the Greasemonkey extension, restart your browser. Then extract, rename AdSweep.js to AdSweep.user.js and drag and drop it into Mozilla Firefox. The Greasemonkey dialog will ask you if you want to install AdSweep. Click ok. You’re done.
  • If you use Safari, you can use AdSweep, you just have to install Greasekit and install AdSweep as a user script.
  • If you use Internet Explorer you need GreasemonkIE or IEPro and just install AdSweep as a user script (not tested, though).

When you’re done, close your browser, reopen it and access, you should see a red notification in the upper-right corner of the page (only displayed on, saying AdSweep is installed. If you would like to see how AdSweep works, here’s an example, with the Digg web site:

Using Opera (click to enlarge):

Opera Ad Blocker

Using Chrome (click to enlarge):

Google Chrome Ad Blocker

Announcements & Mailing lists

If you want to receive news about AdSweep by email, you can sign up below. You will not receive a lot of emails, I promise.

Name: E-mail:

If you use AdSweep, you may also want to sign up to the update list to get notifications of new versions of AdSweep, with new web sites added to the filter. If so, feel free to sign up below (this is a different mailing list).

Name: E-mail:

If you would like to discuss about AdSweep, you can subscribe to the mailing list where community members can participate and ask for support.


If you have some time, and if you know some CSS, you can submit web sites and their respective selectors to be hidden to my email address. All selectors should be separated by commas, with no spaces. For instance: #block_ad_msft,.item_ad_image,.msad,#comments_ad_msft,.comments_ad_image

Please pay close attention to selectors you send so that my own review be faster.You can brush up CSS selectors and use advanced selectors such as those:



Last, but not least, you are welcome to participate financially. I know you can’t donate everywhere, but having a cleaner web is pretty cool to have. We’re not going to be able to clean all web sites, but we’ll clean in priority the domain names you ask to clean so that the most visited web sites look nicer and load faster. If you like the idea and would like to help your way, here’s my Paypal account for donations: – Thank you.

The AdSweep logo was created by gg3po and is released under the terms of the GPL.

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